• About The Company

    Silver Salt Restoration Ltd. are the UK's leading experts in Film and Television Archive and Restoration work. Our team of specialists offer a full 360° service covering all aspects of the digital remastering process. As a firm we are at the forefront of the current movement towards 4k 16bit workflows for UHD delivery and have successfully delivered projects in Dolby Vision HDR. Working closely with our clients we select the best picture and sound elements available from archives sourced the world over. From the careful handling and cleaning of physical film to the painstaking manual restoration and grading of the subsequent digital film frames we work to retain the integrity of our clients'​ content. Our purpose is to preserve and restore original source film elements to produce new master versions that will protect and future proof content with an ultimate goal of presenting a renewed film that celebrates the original vision of the artist.

    Silver Salt Restoration have moved premises, please contact Mark Bonnici on 07439 136542 for further information.

    Silver Salt Restoration
    715 Banbury Avenue
    SL1 4LR.
  • Anthony Badger


    Anthony Badger – Partner and restoration supervisor

  • Audio restoration

    Audio restoration deck

    Audio restoration - Protools and Izotope; Silver Salt Restoration offer automated and manual services.

  • Film Restoration

    Film restoration

    Highly experienced staff skilled in production techniques used to produce TV and film over the last 100 years.

  • Nitrate restorations

    Victoria the Great screen shot

    Silver Salt Restoration recently completed work on new restorations of “Victoria the Great” and its semi-remake/sequel “Sixty Glorious Years” licensed by Network from Studio Canal using Nitrate elements held by the BFI. Network have released an article talking about the film and the restoration carried out, which as always, we are very proud to be part of.

  • Restoration comedy: The Ladykillers

    frame from film after restoration

    Silver Salt Restoration recently completed work on restoration of “The Ladykillers”

    Remaking a killing: The Ladykillers

    Widely considered to be the last of the great Ealing comedies, The Ladykillers already holds a special place in any film-lovers' collection.

    But delve a little deeper and this masterpiece soon reveals why it deserves to feature more prominently in cinema’s history books.
    Many of those reasons become abundantly clear following Studiocanal’s new remastering of this deliciously dark post-war comedy.
    For this is a classic film, to use the time-honoured phrase, in glorious Technicolor.

  • Video restoration

    Video restoration

    Video restoration, automated and semi-automated processing via Digital Vision Phoenix