• Get Back, Peter Jackson's new film about The Beatles.

    Get Back, Peter Jacksons new film about The Beatles

    Silver Salt Restoration are proud to have played a part prepping and scanning the rushes for "Get Back", Peter Jackson's new film about The Beatles.

    Please follow the link for a message from Peter Jackson.

  • Restoration comedy: The Ladykillers

    frame from film after restoration

    Silver Salt Restoration recently completed work on restoration of “The Ladykillers”

    Remaking a killing: The Ladykillers

    Widely considered to be the last of the great Ealing comedies, The Ladykillers already holds a special place in any film-lovers' collection.

    But delve a little deeper and this masterpiece soon reveals why it deserves to feature more prominently in cinema’s history books.
    Many of those reasons become abundantly clear following Studiocanal’s new remastering of this deliciously dark post-war comedy.
    For this is a classic film, to use the time-honoured phrase, in glorious Technicolor.